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Product #   20960         Chinook Technical Outdoor

Color : Navy

Practical 3-in-1 Multi-Season System. Use it 3 ways:

  1. 4-season single sleeping bag.
  2. Two individual sleeping bags
  3. Extra roomy zip-together 2-person sleeping bag

Temperature Rating -50°F / -45°C

Description and Specifications Product # Color 20960 Navy These rugged oversized Multi-Season System bags are a perfect choice for any cold-weather hunting or camping trip. They feature our practical 3-in-1 Multi-Season System. 2 layers of Insufil 4 hollow fiber for superior warmth Zippered hood and liner for easy removal and washing Outer shell is made of heavy-duty polycotton canvas Water-resistant duffel bag is included Use it 3 ways: 4-season single sleeping bag Two individual sleeping bags Extra roomy zip-together 2-person sleeping bag Temperature Rating -50°F / -45°C Size 87" x 42" (220 x 107 cm) Shape rectangular with removable hood Construction 2 detachable insulated bags Outer Shell heavy duty poly-cotton canvas Lining soft poly-cotton with detachable flannel liner Filling outer bag: 6 lbs (2700 g); inner bag: 3.5 lbs (1600 g); total: 9.5 lbs (4300 g) of Insufil 4 Zipper main: #10 heavy duty 2-way; inner: #8 & #5 Stuff Sack heavy duty water-resistant duffel bag Total Weight 29.8 lbs (13.5 kgs)

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