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Product # 43405          Chinook Technical Outdoor

Color : Camo

Temperature Rating -22°F / -30°C

Chinook Oversized Insufil 4

Description and Specifications Product # Color 43405 Camo The Huntsman bag will give the hunter a good night’s sleep to maintain a sharp outlook for the next day in the bush. Features like an extra-wide cut with high loft Insufil®4 insulation, a camo nylon top, canvas bottom, poly/cotton liner and a hood with built-in pillow make this another great hunting partner, providing excellent comfort and protection against the cold. Temperature Rating -22°F / -30°C Size (80" + 15") x 42" ((203 + 38) x 107 cm) Shape hooded rectangular Construction two layer Outer Shell top: camo nylon; bottom: cotton canvas Lining poly-cotton Filling 6.2 lbs (2800 g) of Insufil 4 Zipper #8 open end Stuff Sack duffel bag Total Weight 12 lbs (5.5 kgs)

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