Bush Orders

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can order bush orders?

A bush order is an order of food and materials in order to sustain folks doing work on the land in the Northwest Territories. This can mean anything from an expansive exploration/mining camp to a small fishing or hunting trip. If you need supplies outside of Yellowknife, you qualify as a prime customer for a bush order and we look forward to assisting you. No matter how remote or how close to the capital you may be located we welcome your business.

What can I order?

Your order can include all types of food, from gourmet cheeses to good old fashion can of beans. We are here to ensure you are well fed and well equipped for all situations on the land. Please check our bush order form as a starting point, but note there are other products we can offer on top of this. We carry an extensive hardware inventory including wall tents, wood stoves & cookware, etc as well as a wide variety of workwear.

How do I order?

Your order must be placed at a minimum of three days in advance of the day you need your supplies. The more notice the better for our staff, so they can take extra care in ensuring everything arrives exactly as you expect it to. Submit a bush order form to bushorders@weaverdevore.ca to get started.

How will my bush order arrive?

Weaver & Devore has been filling bush orders for over 80 years. As such, we have a high level of knowledge and experience on how to ensure the best possible service for our customers. Your bush order will be professionally packed, properly labeled, and separated between frozen products, produce, and dry goods. It will also be weighed so you can be specific should your bush order need to come on a plane.

Where can I learn more about bush orders?

We would love to help you get started on your order. A simple phone call makes it easy: please phone 867-873-2219 between the hours of 9:00AM-6:00PM Monday through Saturday to speak with a Weaver & Devore team member. We look forward to helping your excursion, camp, or community thrive.

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