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  • Duray 1-Finger Mitten


    Specifically designed for hunters, allowing them to pull the trigger without removing their mittens. Made of wool and nylon, they are warm and durable. 70% wool 30% nylon Heat index: 2/4

  • Duray 100% Wool Socks


    The 100% is made of 100 % pure virgin wool sock without synthetic fibres or dyes. You will love this natural, renewable, and biodegradable material that will keep your feet warm in cold weather and cool in hot weather and keep humidity and odours at bay. 100% wool Heat index: 3/4

  • Duray Classic Work Sock


    Our Classic model is workers’ socks and at Duray, we have a sock for every activity. Our heavy-duty and long-lasting work products have been designed specifically for those who abuse their feet over long working hours. The double-twisted yarn is our recipe for success. 50% wool 25% acrylic 20% nylon 4% other fibres (recycled) 1%…

  • Duray Iceberg Outdoor Sock


    The cold should never stop you from doing the activities you enjoy. With our fully cushioned Iceberg model, made with 85% wool, your feet will be as warm as ever! 85% wool 12% nylon 3% spandex Heat index: 4/4

  • Duray Marled Work Sock


    How is such a soft and stretchy marled work sock possible? Thanks to a blend of Duray homespun woollen yarn and Merino wool yarn, a fabric softer than most wool types. Absolute comfort! 40% wool (Duray homespun woollen yarn and Merino wool yarn) 20% cotton 5% acrylic 1% spandex Heat index: 3/4

  • Duray Wool Glove Liner


    Our wool and nylon glove-liners are perfect for outdoor work when the weather is cooler. Ready to rake leaves? 70% wool 30% nylon Heat index: 2/4

  • Duray Wool Mitten Liner


    Your mittens are not warm enough for the coldest days? Our wool mitten-liners are perfect for adding warmth to your favourite mittens during winter activities. 70% wool 30% nylon Heat index: 2/4

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