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  • NEOS Explorer Overshoe w/ Glacier Trek Cleats


    The NEOS Explorer™ Insulated overshoe features Glacier Trek™ SPK outsoles with 16 replaceable cleats embedded in the sole to help maintain traction in the harshest winter conditions. The rugged but lightweight outsoles provide excellent slip resistance on ice and snow while the insulation and internal bootie keep your feet warm. A specially formulated rubber keeps…

  • NEOS Navigator 5 Overshoe w/ Glacier Trek Cleats


    The NEOS Navigator 5 GlacierTREK is the perfect boots for winter use in cold weather with the option of removable traction for ice and snow. The outsoles with 16 replaceable cleats per pair, provides excellent traction on ice and snow. NOT to be used on hard surfaces. They come with a cleat wrench with a convenient internal…

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