Tru Flare 15mm Exploding Bear Banger Cartridges

Tru Flare

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Tru Flare 15mm Bear Banger Cartridges travel approximately 125+ft, then explode with a very load bang at the end of their flight. The bear bangers are orange in colour, making them visible and easy to find if they are dropped on the ground. The product is used as a wildlife deterrent to scare off unwanted wildlife, as well as a noise locator when in dense bush.

Sold 6 cartridges per box

Safety and Usage Instructions:

  • 1. Keep away from children.
  • 2. Store in a cool dry area.
  • 3. Do not expose to open flame or heat.
  • 4. Use only in case of need.
  • 5. Do not remove safety cap from cartridge before use.
  • 6. Shoot only with a launcher that is in good condition.
  • 7. Do not keep cartridge loaded in launcher.
  • 8. Replace cartridges after expiry date has passed.
  • 9. Never try to take the cartridge apart.
  • 10. Shoot no lower than at a 70° angle.
  • 11. inspect cartridge before use and DO NOT use if you see any cracks or abnormalities.
  • 12. Cartridges are an Explosive and CAUTION should be taken when handling and storing them.
  • 13. DO NOT subject cartridges to extreme cold or wet conditions.
  • 14. Always check for over head obstructions when firing i.e tree branches.
  • 15. Always have your arm fully extended when firing and have other persons behind you.