Tru Flare 15mm Signal Flare Cartridges

Tru Flare

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Tru Flare 15mm Signal Flare Cartridges are available in red, green, or white. They project approximately 45+ meters. Brightness varies by colour; Red – 15,000cp, Green – 3500pc, and White – 14,000cp. Red signifies distress, green that the signaler is okay, and white as a locator. These flares are used by campers and hikers, for inshore distress signaling, and for the oil and natural gas industry and forestry.

Sold 6 cartridges per box

Safety and Usage Instructions:

  • 1. Keep away from children.
  • 2. Store in a cool dry area.
  • 3. Do not expose to open flame or heat.
  • 4. Use only in case of need.
  • 5. Do not remove safety cap from cartridge before use.
  • 6. Shoot only with a launcher that is in good condition.
  • 7. Do not keep cartridge loaded in launcher.
  • 8. Replace cartridges after expiry date has passed.
  • 9. Never try to take the cartridge apart.
  • 10. Shoot no lower than at a 70° angle.
  • 11. inspect cartridge before use and DO NOT use if you see any cracks or abnormalities.
  • 12. Cartridges are an Explosive and CAUTION should be taken when handling and storing them.
  • 13. DO NOT subject cartridges to extreme cold or wet conditions.
  • 14. Always check for over head obstructions when firing i.e tree branches.
  • 15. Always have your arm fully extended when firing and have other persons behind you.