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  • Baffin Fleece Balaclava


    • Specifically designed for use with the Baffin Apparel System • Polar Proven • Appropriate for independent use and protection • Thermaplush layer for next-to-skin comfort and warmth • Wind-ressistant outer layer

  • Baffin Fog Off Mask


    • Specifically designed for use with the Baffin Apparel System • Polar Proven • Appropriate for independent use and protection • Velcro backpiece with head strap for fastening and adjustable nose piece for improved fit • Face protection for the elements with directional venting for breathing keeps your eyewear from fogging and icing up

  • Baffin Glove Liner


    • Specifically designed for use with Baffin Apparel System • Polar Proven • Extended cuffs eliminate gaps in layering • Touchscreen-friendly index finger and thumb pads • Snug yet comfortable form-fit for improved dexterity • High-wick Hydromax material for improved moisture management

  • Baffin High Wick Balaclava


    • Specifically designed for use with the Baffin Apparel System • Polar Proven • Appropriate for independent use and protection • Breathable fabrics for improved temperature regulation • Anti-microbial, high-wick fibres for moisture management

  • Baffin Polar Mitt


    • Specifically designed for use with Baffin Apparel System • Polar Proven • Extended cuffs eliminate gaps in layering • Drawstring and toggle for secure fastening, with wristband • Removable multi-layer inner glove liner • Wind and water-resistant nylon and leathers

  • Baffin Throttle Glove


    Protecting your head, neck and hands from the elements is imperative for any winter adventure. Polar Proven®, the THROTTLE GLOVE is appropriate for extended use during moderate to high levels of activity. Built with breathable fabrics for improved temperature regulation, the THROTTLE GLOVE has not only withstood the test of Arctic elements – but completes Baffin’s head-to-toe layering system.

  • Canada Goose Arctic Down Glove – Mens

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    The perfect complement to your Canada Goose parka is a pair of high performance gloves. Down fill provides superior warmth, while a durable, water-resistant shell guarantees dryness. The Down Glove suits activities that require dexterity, thanks to durable grips at the palm.

  • Canada Goose Arctic Down Mitt – Mens

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    Combat challenging conditions with our high-performance mitts. These combine the superior protection of down-filled warmth with a quilt-through design for even heat distribution. Covered in water-resistant fabric, these mitts will keep you dry and warm in extreme environments.

  • Canada Goose Northern Glove Liner

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    Give your winter gloves an extra layer of cozy, down-filled warmth with a quilted liner. This innovative design is equipped with touch screen-enabled finger pads, which means you’ll be able to access your smartphone device without sacrificing warmth. Fleece cuffs keep chilly drafts out for all-day protection.

  • Canada Goose Northern Utility Glove

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    Our 3-in-1 glove offers unmatched functionality. The exterior is crafted from a durable, waterproof shell. Water-resistant leather palms ensure a firm grip and touch screen capability allows you to use your device without sacrificing warmth. The down-insulated liner gloves deliver exceptional insulation for activities that require less bulk.

  • Canada Goose Standard Toque

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    This classic toque is one you’ll reach for day after day (after day). Made from soft jersey knit and cut for a snug fit to keep the cold out, it’s the perfect complement to our parkas, jackets and vests.

  • Crown Cap Beaver Jockey Full Fur Hat


  • Crown Cap Beaver Russian Full Fur Hat



  • Crown Cap Muskrat Jockey Full Fur Hat


  • Crown Cap Muskrat Melton Crown Hat


  • Crown Cap Muskrat Russian Full Fur Hat


  • Duray 1-Finger Mitten


    Specifically designed for hunters, allowing them to pull the trigger without removing their mittens. Made of wool and nylon, they are warm and durable. 70% wool 30% nylon Heat index: 2/4

  • Duray 100% Wool Socks


    The 100% is made of 100 % pure virgin wool sock without synthetic fibres or dyes. You will love this natural, renewable, and biodegradable material that will keep your feet warm in cold weather and cool in hot weather and keep humidity and odours at bay. 100% wool Heat index: 3/4

  • Duray Classic Work Sock


    Our Classic model is workers’ socks and at Duray, we have a sock for every activity. Our heavy-duty and long-lasting work products have been designed specifically for those who abuse their feet over long working hours. The double-twisted yarn is our recipe for success. 50% wool 25% acrylic 20% nylon 4% other fibres (recycled) 1%…

  • Duray Iceberg Outdoor Sock


    The cold should never stop you from doing the activities you enjoy. With our fully cushioned Iceberg model, made with 85% wool, your feet will be as warm as ever! 85% wool 12% nylon 3% spandex Heat index: 4/4

  • Duray Marled Work Sock


    How is such a soft and stretchy marled work sock possible? Thanks to a blend of Duray homespun woollen yarn and Merino wool yarn, a fabric softer than most wool types. Absolute comfort! 40% wool (Duray homespun woollen yarn and Merino wool yarn) 20% cotton 5% acrylic 1% spandex Heat index: 3/4

  • Duray Wool Glove Liner


    Our wool and nylon glove-liners are perfect for outdoor work when the weather is cooler. Ready to rake leaves? 70% wool 30% nylon Heat index: 2/4

  • Duray Wool Mitten Liner


    Your mittens are not warm enough for the coldest days? Our wool mitten-liners are perfect for adding warmth to your favourite mittens during winter activities. 70% wool 30% nylon Heat index: 2/4

  • Eglis Ice Trooper Hat


    Our most popular men’s hat! Velcro closure secures flaps up or fasten under chin for versatility. Made from genuine sheepskin. Detachable face mask offers face protection against the cold. Made in Canada by Egli’s Sheep Farm 

  • Eglis Sheepskin Hardhat Liner


    This ultimate hard hat liner made from genuine sheepskin is the preferred liner of choice for Canada’s northern workers for protection against the harshest weather. The Head Honcho: naturally flame resistant provides safety, comfort and warmth on the job one size, designed to fit most 4-strap harness hard hat designs comes with a detachable face…

  • Ganka Bama Sock


    Provides moisture and cold protection, made of a cotton, flannel and acrylic mix. Bama Sokkets are ideal for wellington boots. The material combination provides moisture and cold protection. With a smooth middle layer ensuring pleasant cushioning. Bama Sokkets make wellington boots more comfortable and pleasant to wear. Sizing is US/Canada Men’s Footwear, for Women’s sizing…

  • Ganka Goat Nylon Mitt


    Goatskin leather mitt, with nylon at the back of hand and a detachable flannel and Thermolite liner. It has an elastic at the wrist and its anti-snow system helps prevent snow infiltration in the long cuff.

  • Ganka Heat 100 Gauntlet Mitt


    Deerskin leather mitt, with a detachable polar fleece liner and an inner Heatlocker membrane. It has a synthetic sheep patch at the back of hand, an elastic at the wrist and an adjustable strap at the top of the flared cuff. deerskin leather boa sherpa back hand patch, soft and absorbent for face warming and…

  • Ganka Ice Cleats


    Anti-slip sole with integrated spikes, covering the underside of the foot and offering good grip in the snow and on the ice. Medium suitable for sizes 4 to 8 Large suitable for sizes 8.5 to 13.5 Extra-Large suitable for sizes 14 and up

  • Ganka Radient Insole


    Boot insole with a warm felt top and a cold insulating aluminum layer underside. Felt insole can be tailored to fit boot or shoe shape by tripping along insole edges with sharp scissors. For best results, use the original insole of the boot as a cutting guide. Made in Canada  Men’s / Women’s / Kids…

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